Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes enables us to be a full service supplier, saving you time and money. Having everything under one roof provides flexibility, shorter lead times, tighter control on quality, and overall simplification of the supply chain. Click here for PDF version: Printable PDF

Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion

Our extruding equipment allows us to provide complex profiles in a wide range of sizes, strengths, and technical specifications.
Press 1:
1800 Metric Tonnes | Diameter: 7" | Capacity: 2,000,000 kg annual
Press 2:
1800 Metric Tonnes | Diameter: 7", 10.5" with Butterfly device
Capacity: 8,000,000 kg annual



Anodizing Processes include: Protective & decorative coatings, Architectural Class I & Class II coatings, Bright dip, Organic dye colours.
Current Finishes:
Clear Bright | Matte Satin Etch
Brushed Nickel | Matte Black
Titanium Bronze | Brushed Stainless
Gloss Black | Black Stainless
Beaded & Satin Etch

Powder Coat

Powder Paint

Over 25 years of experience with in-house, fully integrated, powder coat painting line.

Offering 30 light and dark paint colours including:
White's | Platinum's | Black's
Silver | Biscuit | Clear Coat
Bronze | Graphite
Gloss and textured paints available.

CNC, Stamping, Machining

CNC Machine

Our stamped components offer structural rigidity, lower processing costs for high volume runs.

Stamped components offer accurate dimensional tolerances.

We offer a large array of CNC machines of varying size and capability and dedicated special purpose equipment.

Providing quicker launch lead times, reduced tooling expenses, exceptional reliability, repeatability, and flexibility for product design changes.

Assembly & Fabrication


Kromet has extensive fabrication and assembly expertise.

Early stage collaborative engineering design further ensures that your finished assemblies will optimize quality, manufacturing processes and cost to meet your product needs.

Pure Protect by Kromet

Pure Protect by Kromet

Pure Protect is an antimicrobial powder made up of silver ions. It is added to a powder coat paint and applied to your product during the finishing stage providing long lasting protection.

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